brownie love

have you tried No Pudge brownies?

they are ah-mazing. chewy, chocolaty, yum yum, deliciousness. and all that's required to make these bad boys is the box mix and 2/3 cup fat free vanilla yogurt (and an oven).

you would think that what i love most about these brownies is that they're fat free and still insanely delish, but that's not it (i add walnuts to mine so they're not fat free for me). the thing i love most about them is that they aren't full of all that chemical crap that comes in most boxed foods. see?

i made a batch last night. jim and i enjoyed them with a glass of wine while we watched the season one finale of Friday Night Lights.

run to your local Whole Foods and snag a box!


Amy Cowan said...

those sound so good!!

altho walnuts??????????

no. just... no.

mm said...

i used to make those at bu all the time! but i agree with amy... just say no to nuts in chocolate deserts.

mic said...

you guys are nuts.