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today, march 11th, is my big brother's BIRTHDAY! weeeee!

because i am a typical annoying little sister, i came up with a list of questions for jamie to answer and demanded he complete my survey IMMEDIATELY. and because he is an awesome older brother, he did! here are his answers...

what's your full name? James William Morris Jr.

current occupation? Video game thing

current city? San Francisco

what's your favorite food? Excellent chicken fingers

favorite city? London

what's your favorite thing to do on a saturday? Sleep all day

who is your favorite muppet? Rowlf the dog

what's your all time favorite album? Meatloaf's Bat out of Hell (this was chosen largely at random)

interesting tidbits of info not included in the survey, but i know them because we're related --

jamie likes the Cookiepuss ice cream cake from Carvel. i do too, they're yum. he used to remove the pimentos before eating green olives (i don't know how you're eating them these days, jamie.) he introduced me to the wonders of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (i did the Time Warp in my living room just the other night, btw.) when he was little, he was in odyssey of the mind. he took me to lunch at Skywalker Ranch last year. he played Fagin in his high school's production of the musical Oliver! one time when we were small, he told me we were going to sit down and watch a nice movie about a princess, but really we watched Troll and it was horrifying. he got me My So Called Life on DVD for christmas this year and it's awesome!

alright. i think i have embarrassed him enough today.


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