this is one i bought at Forever 21. (you can call it Forever 35 if it makes you feel better. i do.)

this little gem has been sitting in my apartment since the beginning of summer. it's made of a sweater-y fabric so for awhile it was too hot to wear. also, it's a little more "out there" than my other headbands. i'm ashamed to admit this because it's so not me, but i'm a little self conscious about wearing it. have you ever known me to be self conscious about wearing something ridiculous in public?

i think i'll wear it tomorrow on the plane to TEXAS! can't wait to be in warm weather...even if it is for work!


n-mukai said...

This is THE CUTEST headband - you should wear it like you OWN IT. Mustard yellow is my fav color, and I love it with the gray top! Too cute. I wish I could pull off a hb like this.

Sharon said...

seconded. adorable. the texans will be jealous.

A "cheery" disposition said...

That is a great headband. I'm going to have to go get me one now. : )