hi, i love texas!

hey jim -- if you could just throw my leggings and headbands in a bag and hop on the next flight to the great state of Tejas then life with be gravy, baby. seriously. you and me will buy a car. we'll drive down streets and park in actual parking spaces. we'll visit magical big box stores like Target and Walmart and Costco. I'll throw away my poop coat and run around wearing flip flops and Truly Madly Deeply t-shirts.we'll munch on cheesy quesadillas and drink margaritas and learn spanish and watch football and life will be grand because it's 75 degrees in march and who can ask for better weather? i'll gladly trade new york city for four tolls on the george bush highway. no problemo.

good god i love texas.


Christine Staley said...

H2.0's family's from Texas. He says, wait till July when it's 112 with 96% humidity and then see how much you Texas :)

ps - that picture through the doorway? *adorable*

Amy Cowan said...

oh, texas in the spring is so good. people like to hate on that state, but i've had some lovely sunning and lazing about there. and the food is so deeeelish.

what city are you?

mic said...

i was in dallas. love the weather. LOVE THE GALLERIA!