anti-bulimia stickers like the one below (reads: Bulimia is curable) are popping up on toilet lids in some German colleges.

animalnewyork.com, where i found these images and information (via Jezebel), assumes this campaign sparks disordered behaviors in people who come across them.

Pro M├Ądchen claims the campaign is a success, citing unprovided click-through numbers...but I'm thinking these lovely labels may have actually put an until-then dormant purge urge in some of the young ladies' minds.

i like to think these stickers serve as a last minute "don't do it!" the same way a photo of a child strategically placed on top a box of cigarettes is meant to make a smoker think twice before lighting up. i certainly don't think these stickers are harmful because eating disorders are not a choice. and eating disorders are curable.

k. thnx. bai.

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amy said...

what if a pink sticker convinced me i should develop an eating disorder.

people are idiots.

i think they're a good idea.