happy (belated) new year!

I usually ring in the New Year with a long post of highlights from each month of the previous year, but I wanted to keep my re-cap of 2008 short and sweet. Because I’m lazy. So here it is.

2008 was the year of…

Moves. From Chicago to Queens. From Queens to Brooklyn.

Weddings. Amy’s wedding in July, Nikki’s in September, Molly’s (Jim’s sister) in December.

Firsts. First time voting for a President who went on to win the election (third time’s a charm). First time living with my boyfriend (loving every second of it).

Delicious treats. Cupcakes and more cupcakes. Cookies. Ice cream. Pancakes.

Love. I met the love of my life in 2008 and what could be more awesome than that? How about the names we’ve chosen for our future babbys: Moo, Pickles, and Noodle? Pretty awesome, right?

I hope 2009 brings more love, weddings, firsts, and desserts! Happy 2009, friends!

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