not sure what he sees in me

this is a conversation between me and my boyfriend copied directly from gchat:

me: fo sho

there are antz in my pantz
there are bees in my knees
there are deers in my ears

Jim: beets in your feets?

me: yes!

there is poop in my num

Jim: ok, that doesn't rhyme

me: well...num and bum rhyme

Jim: poop doesn't rhyme with bum

me: there is poop in my boop

Jim: that rhymes ...

me: there is goop in my poop

there is soup in my poop
there is a noodle in my caboodle

Jim: these sound like serious medical issues
you should have them checked out, pea

me: will Web MD it right now

Jim: good to hear

me: got 4 search results for "soup in my poop"

Jim: oh, nice

poor guy...didn't know what he was getting himself into when he met me. but don't you love how he plays along?

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