weekend recap

i loved this weekend.

it started with a bday dinner at Pellegrino's in Little Italy.

two of my favorite things. prosecco and bread.

maybe the best tiramisu i have ever tasted

i find it best to distract your dining partner with presents while you eat all the dessert

dinner was delish!

a kiss in the cab on our way back to queens.

saturday was warm and sunny. and since we probably wont be seeing a lot of warm and sunny in the months to come, jim and i actually got off the couch, left the apartment, and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.

if you walk across the bridge, might i suggest that you wear appropriate footwear?

my heels kept slipping through the wooden planks on the bridge's pedestrian walkway. made for a lumpy walk.

the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

i had two scoops.

sunday was spent sleeping and reading and...

...enjoying my soon to be famous, chocolate chip silver dollar pancakes.

happy monday, everyone!

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Amy Cowan said...

i nominate you for cutest couple!