i want to wish a very happy birthday to my love, james carey reedy, who turns 29 today.

Jim, you are, hands down, the best thing that has ever happened to me.

And here's where I get REALLY mushy gushy...

I love you...

...Because you can always tell when I’ve ingested too much sports TV and you know exactly when to switch the channel from a football game to a House re-run before my eyes glaze over

Because you hold me when I get sad or frustrated and listen to what I have to say no matter how ridiculous/irrational/melodramatic/childish it might be. You exude patience and understanding.

Because you eat desserts with me (we should have cupcakes at 1:00 AM EVERY day!!!)

Because you read to me

Because you call me Pea and your little French Baguette

Because you let me sleep on your shoulder

Because you rearrange your Netflix queue for me

Because you talk to the TV while you watch sporting events.

Because you talk to yourself in the shower about sporting events.

Because you’re an Irish Catholic Democrat from Massachusetts just like me!

Because you always know when words like "Irish", "Catholic", and "Democrat" should be capitalized or not.

Because you print articles from the Washington Post online and give them to me when you’re done.

Because you fight fires in the kitchen (your ability to keep calm while I’m screaming “FIRE!!!!!” is amazing. How do you do that?)

Because you always carry my bag when we’re walking to the train

Because you buy my cookie dough on rainy Saturday afternoons. And because you don’t make fun of me when I eat it raw.

Because you have the kindest, biggest, most wonderful heart a person could ever have

I love everything about you.

Happy Birthday, Pea.

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