lo siento...

...pero, i just drank two large margaritas. on la rocks, no salt.

some more pics of vida en el loony bin. para tu.

my little brother. his voice is cracking these days so it's really painful to listen to anything he has to say.

this is my dad. he's happier than your dad.

these pics show what we in the morris clan refer to as "the room with no purpose". we have one in dunstable, we have one in south carolina. i think that in both homes, 'the room with no purpose' is supposed to be a dining room, but we just use it to store extra lamps, candy, and vacuum cleaners. everyone needs a room for those things, si?

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Amy Cowan said...

sam's so grown up! he looks so much like your dad.

remember when he tried to convince me everyone had left without me - even though you were all still upstairs getting ready?

he also used to call me a 'big fat tub.'

somehow i still have warm feeling towards him.