it's official, we're brooklynites!

please excuse my caps, but WE GOT THE APARTMENT!

on November 30th Jim and i will pack up our shiz, maybe yell an "Opa!" on our way out of Astoria, and head to our chocolate palace in Brooklyn. i couldn't be happier.

and good lawd, our new loft is amazing. our unit is on the top floor and it has spectacular views of the east river and lower Manhattan. apartment makes new york city look pretty. it must be magic!

the building itself is an old converted chocolate factory. and i love chocolate so it was meant to be, obv. the ground floor has a spa and yoga studio (body by Brooklyn), a Cuban restaurant, a pet hotel (hey Jim -- there is no excuse that a french bulldog with a red bow around it's neck should not be under the tree this Christmas!), and [coming soon] an organic market. i may never leave the building.


n-mukai said...

Congratssssss!!!!! When can I viz?

Amy said...


sounds increds.

can't wait to visit.

Sharon said...

oh man! you guys and your ivory tower...