chocolate goodness

okie i'm going to keep talking about my new apartment for awhile, cool?

did i tell you it was just the third place jim and i saw? did i tell you we got it without paying a broker's fee? didn't you think no-fee apartments were mythical in new york city? i did.

somehow the whole apartment hunting process was a breeze. and although i am VERY suspicious of things that are easy (and people who are nice) in this city, i'm just going to accept this as a stroke of good luck.

here is jim. when this picture was taken we had just seen the apartment and were on our way back to the subway, debating the whole way on whether we should go back and snatch the place or check out a few more apartments on the upper east side. jim called a friend for advice while i snapped pics and played in a pile of leaves.

random wall. taken from the front lobby of our building.

in celebration of our chocolate palace, i made chocolate frosted cupcakes last night. notice the sports themed cupcake liners? yeah...i know how to keep my man happy.


JCRHoo said...

I think we're going to both weigh 699 pounds if we make chocolate (in cake, bar or cupcake form) the official food of our new Chocolate Palace.

mic said...

well that's perfect because you can't dump me until i reach 700 lbs. YOU PROMISED!!!

Sharon said...

don't forget the little people living in the brooklyn squalor after you move into your antioxident castle...

also, congrats!