Om nom nom

have you ever met a dessert that was almost too cute to eat? i have.

jim surprised me with this cupcake last night when i got home from approximately one million back to back business trips.

i was delighted, obv, but also a little sad about tearing into something so cute. and so, jim and i decided to have a little fun with Cookie before eating him.

The Cookie Monster Cupcake Photo Shoot...

this is cookie on the couch. jim and i spend a lot of time here.

this is cookie watching The Office. he prefers it over Grey's Anatomy.

cookie taking a nap. because type 2 diabeetus makes him sleepy.

cookie rockin out to jim's ipod (probably listening to dave matthews band).

jim holding a cupcake. i think my heart just exploded. sigh...

bye cookie! you were fun, but i have to eat you now.


every day should involve monster cupcakes...

...and cute boys with frosting on their faces.

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"Single Girl in the City" said...

Omigod that looked so yummy! My ex got me a winnie the pooh cake once and I felt exactly the same way...