fa la la la la

My parents have been asking me for my Christmas list since…August? Maybe earlier. And I’ve been kind of ignoring their request because hello, I’m 26! Aren’t I a little old to be writing letters to Santa?

Christmas lists made sense back in the day when I wanted twelve Fisher Price items and had no means of buying them myself, but um, I make money now. So I just buy whatever I want whenever I want it. Well…maybe not whatever I want, but you know what I mean.

AND, I’ve been ignoring their request because whenever I ask them what they might like for Christmas I get, “ohh, we don’t need anything” and HOW ANNOYING IS THAT?

But whatev. It’s a rainy day. And If I can’t go home and curl up with a blanket, a cup of hot chocolate, and yet another Jodi Picoult novel, then I guess I’ll shop the Internets for things I’d like to have.

It’s like I told my boss when I first moved from Chicago to New York City…if I can’t surround myself with friends, I might as well surround myself with things.

So! For my P’s! Here are some things I wouldn’t mind surrounding myself with in 2009:

Vintage cookie jar. I really like everything and anything shaped like an owl.

Vintage train case. So very Some Like it Hot.

Umbrella. Like a big ass golf umbrella.

Middlesex , a novel by Jeffrey Eugenides about a hermaphrodite.

Fuzzy slippers. So I can walk around my new apartment this winter with toasty feet.

Cook books. Because I cook now. But last night I accidently lit Jim’s sandwich on fire (there were flames) so I need all the help I can get.

Something with feathers. Because they make me feel pretty.

So that's it. Basically you can get me anything old that looks like an owl and i'll love it. Bonus if the owl is made of feathers and i can wear it on my head.


Sharon said...

ah, middlesex! one of my favorite books ever. it's epic. you will enjoy.

feather fascinators are all the rage here, huh? the LES girls are always rocking them.

n-mukai said...

i also have an obsession with owls! and mushrooms. and mustard yellow and vintage floral patters.