48 new york minutes

i had the pleasure of hosting my very first visitor in New York this weekend!

Tia and i did lots and lots.

on saturday we rode the subway from my place in queens to times square where we hopped on a CitySights NY tour bus. touristy, sure, but totally worth the time and money.

we went all around times square, herald square, the flatiron distict, greenwhich village, soho, chinatown, the financial district, south street sea port, the lower east side, the east village, bleekerville, and back to times square. phew...

...i'm tired from just uploading all those pics.

we hopped off the bus at 27th and 5th to visit the Museum of Sex.

current exhibitions include "Sex Lives of Animals"...

...and "Sex and the Moving Image". ahhh...nothing like watching porn movies with 20 strangers on a saturday afternoon.

after the museum we rode the bus through greenwhich village and soho. we hopped off at chinatown (promoptly accosted by a crowd of eager handbag peddlers) and walked to little italy for lunch at a small cigar bar.

on sunday i took tia on a death march through central park.

after central park i continued the death march down lexington avenue through a street festival.

then, after we could not feel our feets anymore, we went home to queens.

sometimes i get nervous about hosting visitors. itineraries scare the shit out of me as does the thought of multiple activities in one day. but i have to admit, i had a fabulous weekend! not only did i get to see tia, but i think (hold your breath, wait for it) that maybe seeing new york, like really seeing new york, made me love new york? could it be?

it's a funny thing to witness someone's first reactions to new york city, and tia's were a lot like mine when i first moved here...frustrated by crowded sidewalks, hesitant to cross the street until the light changes, annoyed by rude people in general, skeptical of the hype surrounding new york pizza, disgusted by the trash that piles up on the streets, etc. it's even funnier to think that i'm pretty much used to all that stuff now. who am i becoming? what am i just going to wake up one day and start folding my pizza slices in half? eeeeek!

so maybe you'll see less bitching here about this city that's out to get me! maybe my boyfriend will see a side of me that isn't 100% loony! maybe we'll all ride rainbow colored unicorns down streets made of gumdrops and eat candy for breakfast! huzzah!


Amy Cowan said...

a) that red coat/striped shirt combo is making me slobber.

b) the boots look hawt!

c) i love tour buses.

Anonymous said...

NO!!! You must hate NY and move back to Chi-town!!!

Sharon said...

oh, yes yes yes! this warms my heart. there's nothing like a deathmarch through Central P (i went to the exact same sights on Sat) to get you falling in lurve with this stupid absurd hateful place. Yay!

"Single Girl in the City" said...

I had to laugh - I have a set of nearly identical central park pics from the last time I was there!

small world :)