change the weather/still together when it ends

Last weekend I ventured home (?) to Chicago for the concert of 1999: Counting Crows and Maroon Five. Well, I didn’t fly out there for the concert so much as for these people:

Tia and Julie. Too hungover to accompany these girls out on Saturday night, I went 'home' to Jacqueline's to sleep the night away. My slumber was interrupted around 2 am when this pair pounced on top of me. But I loved it. No one pounces on me in the middle of the night in NYC!

Rosie. Pledge Master. Pilot Inspektor. These are her pics I'm stealing. Thanks, Rosie! Tell your [16 year old] sister we must go shopping together soon!

Copey. She escaped her 3 (insanely gorgeous) children to come play for the weekend. Amy, i will try harder to get on Cash Cab!

New York is amazing. And it's slowly starting to feel like home. But see how hard it is for me to leave Chicago? See how fun my friends there are?

See how hard I laugh when I'm with them?


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