sweet home, chicago!

i went to work this morning and my imaginary ADD kicked in as soon as i sat down at my desk and plugged in my computer. it's hard to sit still and focus when i know that in a few hours i'll be back in chicago, gearing up for Jacqueline's annual July 4th extravaganza. and even though chicago is seriously lacking in the friendly's/carvel/yummy ice cream shop department, it is home to some of my favorite people in the whole wide world. and i'm pretty sure that if i was really insistent about it, some of those favorite people would let me lick them like an ice cream cone. so yeah. put me on a plane.

trying to be a good worker bee, i booked a flight out of LaGuardia at 5 tonight so i could put in an almost full day at the office. and then, as i was spinning around in my office chair this morning, i started thinking about United Airlines. and LaGuardia. and O'Hare. and the fact that all three of these things are involved in my trip back to chicago today. and if you've ever traveled through either one of those airports or taken a United flight anywhere, you probably know why this combo freaked me out. and if you haven't, i'll tell you...that combo guarantees a two hour delay. i used to travel twice a week for work so i know this. i'd put money on the delay. or a cancellation.

so. screw good worker bee status! i put myself on an earlier flight and i'm off to the airport. because if i don't get to see my chicago friends soon...there will be mental breakage. and if there is mental breakage then...let's face it...i live in new york. i can't afford therapy.

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