business casual

i'm wearing this dress today:

and when i first saw it i was all...that dress looks like pajamas. MUST HAVE IT.

it's also short and shapeless. i can pair it with 20 fake gold bangles worn up one arm, black havaiana flips, and a gigantic pair of sunglasses. so yeah. it satisfies all my daily outfit requirements.

the more i think about it though, the more i think that this dress doesn't resemble pajamas so much as a hospital gown (opening in the back!) whatev.

shifting gears.

something i'm wondering at this very moment: which one is hayden panettiere and which one is kristen bell?


Holly said...

I love that dress! Where can I get it?!

mic said...

gurrrl, it's from alloy! the place to shop for all 26 year olds looking to dress half their age!

but yeah...i should source my photos. bad, me.

you can get the dress here: