hold please

One of my favorite bloggers, Dooce, is in New York filming a “mommy bloggers” segment for the Today Show. And I’m bummed because she’s leaving tomorrow and I’ll miss her book signing by just one day. BOO.

Also I’m bummed because I missed my company’s Rock Band competition that went down in the lunch room of the New York office yesterday.

New York – please stop having fun until I get there!


Sharon said...

Oi! Kathy Lee Gifford totally tried to face Dooce and made a heinous awkward transition to a segment about home furnishing. Go to Jezebel.com, they have the clip. It's painful!

Amy Maloof said...

yeah dude it was awkward. i watched it real time and wanted to punch her in the face. it brought back my love for heather, though! so that's a good thing.