a wayfarer-less move

i booked movers yesterday through this fab company called Mini Moves. it's perfect for people like me who come with almost nothing. the only prob is that they need to pick up everything i do own on thursday, and i haven't started packing yet.

i'm going to argue that packing up everything in your life is almost easier than packing for something like a nine day vacation because it's somewhat mindless. everything has to go. what sucks about it though is all the random crap that seems to have no place...the mate less sock under my bed, that half used bottle of hand cream...that sweater that i kind of like, but kind of hate, but i don't want to give it away because i already gave away ten bags of clothes and at this rate i'll be running around new york in the nude, and besides, maybe i'll like it next winter...ugg. did i just say this whole thing is mindless? where did i stash that old bottle of prozac?

you know what else really bums me out? i don't look good in wayfarers. and they're so tragically hip...i feel like i'm missing out on this whole big movement. thing.


Sharon said...

hilarious. i'm having the same problem, like, i must PURGE! and then i stare at my closet and drawers and i'm like, where the fug are all of my things, let's go SHOPPING! so my suggestion? ditch the sweater and just buy COOLER things in new yooooork citttay! speaking of which, mini moves sounds exactly like what i need. let me know how they work out for you?

i'm adding you to my blogroll, btdubs. because i stalk you. the end!

Amy Maloof said...

soooooo i made clay buy ray ban wayfarers for my birthday. and then i wore them for like 3 weeks and told myself i looked GREAT! but really i looked like a man. but i tried, woman, i tried.

so then i returned them and bought a random knock off brand of wayfarers which are actually made for girls and i heart them and you might too? here they are: oh crap! no link? hmmm i'll have to send you a pic. but they're club monaco. harumph.