lusty little crushes

i have two tv loves...the first is vincent d'onofrio as detective goren in law and order: criminal intent, and the second is hugh laurie as dr. gregory house.

i typically like men who make me laugh, and yet, these two cuties really aren't funny. i guess dr. house is amusing in that "lawdy, lawdy, did he REALLY just say that?" kind of way, but you know what i mean.

then why o why do i love them so? it must be the smarts. whatever the reason, you can be sure that if i ever meet one of these two men (or both at the same time ...wouldn't THAT be a treat!), i will prompty drop trou and hand over my underwear.

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Sharon said...

holy crapoli. I LOVE HOUSE. very lust-worthy choices, ma'am! also, i've been stalking your blog. does that make me a really creepy fellow bridesmaid?