bachelor love

Ok, ok, ok. We all have a couple songs on our iPod that we’re not proud of. Likewise, we all watch some bad TV and enjoy it. Just own up to it, you know it’s true.

That said, I’ll come right out and admit to my “Bachelor” addiction. You can find me every Monday night at 9 (Central!) in front of the TV, eagerly waiting to see what kinds of romantic adventures are in store for The Bachelor and the women competing to win his heart. It’s all so deliciously whacky, and I’m never let down.

Ohhh and last night! Last night was pure entertainment! How about the time Shayne locked herself in the bathroom to cry because *gasp* there were other women on her date! And WHO KNEW THAT WOULD HAPPEN ON THIS SHOW? I actually like Shayne for some reason. I can forgive her temper tantrums because 1) they’re funny and 2) she’s only 22 years old and really…she’s an actress. She needs those agents out there to see her dramatic side.

No less than THREE of the 15 remaining women sang for Matt last night. One of the ladies, Michelle, wrote an original song which she performed during her one- on- one time with The Bachelor. I don’t remember all the words exactly…but it had something to do with “I want to touch you, I want you to touch me/ I want to feel you, I want you to feel me”. Carrie, a Church Marketing Rep, demonstrated her Opera singing talents for Matt right before the Rose Ceremony. Having heard Carrie’s shrills, Erin H. decides that’s it! She just has to sing for Matt if everyone else is too. Oh. My. God. I really didn’t want to watch American Idol last night.

My favorite part of last night’s show, a part I kept rewinding to watch over and over again, is when Michelle (sent home) signs off saying, “I can’t wait go home and see my cat. *sniff* I can’t wait to…*sniff*…hear her purr…to have her…*sniff*…lay between my legs…because…*sniff*…she’s the love of my life right now”. DID YOU HEAR THAT?

Oh but wait…Michelle’s cat thing was good, but I also really enjoyed learning more about the girl’s themselves. Shayne’s an actress, Ashlee is a singer/songwriter, and 33 year old Erin S. is a….HOT DOG VENDOR? I’m not being bratty here…I respect all occupations…but can you believe that "Hot Dog Vendor" is shown below her name every time she talks to the camera? Loves it.

A little "Take Away" from Episode 2, Season 12 of The Bachelor: Don't sing on dates. All the women who sang for Matt last night were shown the door. Let that be a lesson to you.

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