you can't dress trashy til you spend a lot of money

I haven’t filed my taxes yet. I guess you could say I’m waiting for the inspiration to do so. That inspiration will most likely arrive on April 14…or April 17…whenever taxes are due, I don’t really know.

After graduating from Purdue in ’04, I moved to Chicago and landed my first “real” job out of school. That spring, I was actually excited about taxes. I had always received a happy little return from the government before so I just figured those checks would keep on coming. I mean…it would have nice.

Oh, but I was wrong. I owed money that year! Kind of a lot! And I have owed the government money (kind of a lot!) every year since.

I know what you’re thinking…contact HR and change the 1 on your 1040 (is it a 1040?) to a 0, dummy. But…Cello… if I change it to a 0 then the government will keep more of my money. If they keep my money, then I can’t put it in the bank. If I can’t put it in the bank, I can’t make interest on it. So the government gets to make interest on my money and then maybe…maybe…give me a little cash back in the spring? I DON’T THINK SO, BUDDY.

Anyways…my POINT is this: I should be online filing my taxes like a good little girl who doesn’t always wait until the night before… But instead! Oh, instead I am online purchasing the most perfect pair of high-waisted leggings from American Apparel! Can’t help it…I’ve been inspired to buy them.

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