nyc on the cheap

ok. so i've been totally stressing about how i'm going to pay rent in new york city. living alone, even in a closet sized studio, is about a million gabillion dollars a month and that completely cramps my shopping style. so i've started looking at roommate options on craigslist.

low and behold, i found a way to live in new york city RENT FREE. here's the ad:

if you are a open minded single young female at least 18 years old and would like 2 live rent free with many fantastic benefits as well included with free meals as well and being able to go on beautiful vacations and more fantastic benefits all included 4 free then move in with me a very nice older good looking guy in a beautiful apt and area in queens. you will share the whole apt with me including the bedroom for everything. if you are looking for a beautiful change in your life and being able to live rent free with many fantastic benefits included then take advantage of this great offer. it is for real and you will be treated right. send photo and age for immediate consideration. no smoking,drugs or pets.

i should totally respond, right?

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