tattoos and a dog named spike

You know how I got one tattoo and I said I wouldn’t get another one? And then I got another one and I said, “ok, for real this time, I’m not getting another one”. Well, I got another one. And I love it! But I fear I’m turning into a biker babe… so this time? This time, I REALLY mean it. I’m done with the tats.

In other weekend news, I very nearly came home with a Great Dane named Spike on Saturday. Spike NEEDS me. He only has two years left to live and I know no one could love him as fiercely as I could for those two years. And get this…when I went inside Spike’s doggy condo at Paws, I sat on the floor and he plopped down on my lap! Swoon!

Jillian advised me against the purchase of a Great Dane. My boyfriend backed her up. I think they’re both in cahoots with Satan himself.

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