My blonde ambition

I’m blonde! Well…I guess I really have really, really light brown hair. But it’s getting there. My goal is to be blonde…not Girls Next Door blonde or Gwen Stefani blonde, but "pretty" blonde. And now I’m one step closer. Muahahahah.

Beauty is painful. Have you ever sat with bleach on your scalp and eyebrows for 10 whole minutes? Let me tell you it burns. I was convinced every hair on my head was about to fall out, but my colorist told me that little “tingly” feeling is normal. The smell of it burned the inside of my nose. Bleach dripped down from my eyebrows into my eyes...the things we do for good looks.

More painful than the bleach was the moment I walked up to the counter to pay and the cashier said, “OK, Miss Morris, your total today will be $408.00". My point here is this: Even if you don’t like my new ‘do, you must tell me you love it anyway. Or else you owe me $408.00.

P.S. after a quick proof of this new post i caught a little spelling mistake that makes me wonder if the bleach is seeping into my brain? already? i wrote "girls next store" looked at it and thought, "that doesn't look right...but i guess it is?"

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