wassup doc?

I went to the doctor today to complain about two things: chronic fatigue and constipation. Although both ailments are super fun, I’ve been dealing with the tired thing for months now and I haven’t been able to poop for a week so HELP ME.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing that can be done for me. My doc asked, “do you exercise?” and of course I don’t, but knowing that would be an unhealthy answer I replied, “yes. I used to run, but recently I’ve been doing yoga” which is a flat out lie. Exercise for me is walking to and fro…from home to the bus stop to work to the cheapie medi/pedi salon on the corner, to the bus stop to the couch to my bed. Occasionally I walk around stores searching for that one baby doll dress I just can’t live without, but most days I like to be horizontal or at least bent in the middle with my bum resting on something marshmallowy soft. I guess if I want to wake up and start pooping that has to change. Ugg.

Last night Brian and I played a little tennis. I literally had not picked up a racket in 7 years and in that stretch of time, my forehand has completely disappeared (probably off on vacation with my poop). My backhand is still fabulous…just try to return it and you’ll agree. Anyway, I’ve decided to take some tennis lessons and ballet classes to keep my energy level up. I chose ballet because have you seen how cute the warm-up outfits are??? I can wear them to dance and then under a dress! Hot.

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