i'm delayed, united is on time

hooooow can it be that the one time my united flight is departing on schedule, i'm running late? how many times has united stranded me in radom cities for hours and hours? ummm...ALMOST EVERY SINGLE TIME I FLY WITH THEM.

at 4:30 this afternoon, i was in a cab on the expressway checking my cell phone for the time and wondering if i have any chance in the world of getting on that 5:00 flight to MSP. my co-worker and travel companion called me at 4:45 to say our flight was boarding and all i could say was, "ok, i'm still on the highway". i guess i'll fly (gasp) standby and get there god-knows-when.

but my hatred for united fueled all kinds of crazy energy. as we pulled up to the united terminal, i threw cash at the cabbie as he called out to me, "thanks, babe. you have 14 minutes...go, go, go!" and i went. and i flew through security and i got on that on-time flight like i meant to act like a spaz the whole time.

united tries to ruin my life on a weekly basis, but this time...i won, bitch.

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