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Friday, June 01, 2007

Wellp, Jillian and I, the oft-assumed 'lesbian couple', are settled into our new digs. Minus a couple miscellaneous boxes that I am very tempted to pitch anyway, we're all unpacked. we even have knives now thanks to Mrs. Bumber. We're really moving up in the world.

Our in-unit washer and dryer (jealous?) have already been put to the test. We've had them running continuously for about a week now. Turns out my boyfriend's bike doubles nicely as a bra and panty drying rack (thanks, babe). And since Chicago has really heated up this week, our air conditioners have also had a chance to stretch their legs. I like to keep my room cold so I can curl up under my huge marshmallow comforter at night.

Being without Internet is a little weird. It's super hard to work without a computer. I figured that out when I told my boss that I'd be "working from home" one afternoon. Life without cable isn't all that bad considering I had to catch up on the 4th complete season of Northern Exposure anyway. The cable guy comes tomorrow which is perfect timing because I finished up Season 4 while "working from home" and I don't have season five yet. If any of y'all have it…can I borrow it?

Keep a look out for house warming party details.

In other news…I'm still ridiculously good-looking.

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