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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm hollering at y'all from the glamorous Delta lounge of LaGuardia International Airport. It's only 12:30 CST and already today I've been to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and back to New York… I'm an extremely important person in case you didn't already know.

Anyways, It's been pretty busy in M town these past couple weeks. My boyfriend turned the big 3-0 over the weekend, which incidentally, is the same number of pins I knocked down in bowling Friday night. I'm like really good at all sports.

Jillian and I have booked movers and cleaners for our big move this weekend. Now we just need to hire some willing souls to put all our stuff in boxes for us. Interested? I mean…I am willing to do like, zero work this week so seriously…will someone just do it for me?

I'll be in Omaha on Thursday. I've never been to Nebraska so I get to pick up a new state. These are the kinds of things that excite me.

So yeah… I bet y'all miss me and my strange wardrobe of baby doll dresses and cowboy boots. No worries…I will be out in full force this weekend. So let's do something! Just look hot, OK? I'm not friends with ugly people.

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