a super sexy glimpse into our bedroom.

i lied. it's not that interesting.


this is the very first time that fred has ever been on our bed. he sleeps in the kitchen thankyouverymuch. mostly because i'm paranoid that he'll jump off our bed and hurt himself. also because i'm a sucker and i know that he could wedge himself into my spot and i'd oblige and be sleeping on the floor in no time flat.

p.s. as you can tell, our bedroom is in desperate need of...anything. it's the only room i haven't put any effort into--mostly because it's very small and decor of any sort requires a lot of creative thinking, and also because i don't want to pour too much money into a rental.

p.p.s. does it sort of look like we're sleeping in a prison?!?!

p.p.p.s. it does. oh god.

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Courtney said...

it does kind of look like a padded cell! haha!

our dog steals the covers and it makes me crazy!