this weekend was ah-mazing. it was overcast but unseasonable warm, relaxing but also productive. it was a good combo of me-time and friend-time. the hubs and i struck a nice balance between his shows (we're on season 2 of The Shield) and my shows (i'm watching Felicity for the first time). there was champagne... I FOUND A SALE ON FERRAGAMOS.

here's a quick rundown because i know you're dying for a peek inside my exciting life:

friday night lights. 
the hubs worked late on friday, so i drank champagne alone (every day is a celebration), then i ate a pizza. 

nordstrom's half-yearly sale -- holla! i snagged a pair of 'gamos on super duper sale and wore them out of the store -- nay, i skipped out of the store. i met up with friends and went to a creepy asian antiques store, then we had lunch at Bull & Bear.

after brunch at Clarks, i dragged the hubs up north for our annual trip to Brimfield -- or, as i like to call it, that plaid store in Andersonville. this place sells candles that make your whole house smell like christmas. we bought five of them.

it is not the world's most exciting life, i'll give you that -- but holy cow wait till you see my new shoes!


Meghan said...

Your weekend was perfection! And btw, don't you LOVE The Shield? Vic Mackey is so badass!

thobeka said...

your makes me happy, and makes me want to move to chicago :)

Courtney said...

champagne adds a dash of sparkle to any ol night and I kinda love it!