in my previous post, i mentioned that the hubs and i took our annual trip to Brimfield, the most deliciously plaid store in all of chicago, to buy candles that smell like christmas. 

i couldn't help but follow up with some more pictures of the store. this place is like a cozy, christmasy, plaid cabin, and i wish i could put on a scratchy wool sweater and curl up in one of their mid-century chairs and never leave.

the thing i really love about this store is that it sort of reminds me of the shops on martha's vineyard -- the ones that people decided to open, just so they could sell stuff they love. the more i think about, the more i think that's it -- i love that this store is clearly owned by someone who decided to make a living selling things she loved. that kind of passion is infectious.

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amy said...

i want to live there! also, can i buy these special candles online?!