our weekend.

guess what? i totally got a head start on my christmas shopping this past weekend. i tell myself every.single.year. that i'm going to get a head start next year, and this is the year it happened. if you can't tell, i am quite pleased with myself.

i'm pleased too that i managed to convince my hubs to drive me to ikea...and crate and barrel...and CB2...and bed bath & beyond.... all in a search for the perfect euro pillows and shams. he is a kind, patient man. especially considering when we finally got home and i tried putting the euro shams on my new euro pillows, i realized i bought one euro sham and one standard sham. it was a damn sham shame. the hubs had to go retrieve the bed bath & beyond receipt out of the trash -- i may have emptied the contents of our vacuum on top of it. :(

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Kit said...

I have not done one bit of shopping!!! I need to get on that!