i am thankful for the special people in my life.

Manic Mother

boy oh boy, am i ever thankful for my friends and family. i am a lucky girl because i have incredible people in my world -- the bestest hubs, friends who have stuck by me even through my most dreadful of phases, and family that gets me. also? i have people who are willing to look at my wedding photos...time and time again. :)

my bridal party: 2 brothers, 1 new sister, 2 friends from high school, 3 friends from college. 1 brooklyn bridge. lots of love.
my dad walking me down the aisle. everyone says we look alike.
my new hubs. lots and lots of love.

i think it's important to surround yourself with people you love -- people that inspire you to be better than you are, people who push you to do bigger things. it's important to live your life around people who support you and genuinely want you to succeed. i think it's important too to show the same support for the people you love -- i know i'm guilty of not always being the greatest wife/daughter/friend/coworker, and probably the most special people in my life are the ones who like me anyway, despite all my many flaws.

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Jules said...

First of all, your wedding photos are absolutely beautiful. You were a gorgeous bride.

I truly believe in only surrounding yourself with the best people in life, especially as I get older. There is no room for toxic people around here ;)

Caroline said...

Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! You look stunning! And I love that you have so many wonderful people. Happy Thanksgiving!

Simply Mily said...

your wedding photos are amazing!!! It's important to be around people we care about and who care just as much in return =)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

These are AMAZING photos! Seriously stunning!

Meghan said...

Aww! You are such a stunning bridey! I love, love LOVE these pics - and I am especially jealous that you got married in NYC, because I am way obsessed with that city!

Kit said...

Your wedding pictures are amazing!!! The church you were married in looks so beautiful!

Courtney said...

those pictures are AMAZING :) what a perfect day! Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for linking up!