i am thankful for the blogoverse.

Manic Mother 
i am basically obsessed with blogs. lifestyle blogs, fashion blogs, political blogs, blogs about tv, happy mormon mommy blogs, angry feminist blogs, wedding blogs, food blogs, design blogs, shopping blogs etc. 

i am thankful for the consistent flow of fresh content on any subject you could every want (or not).
i am thankful for the hours of entertainment and endless ideas and inspiration. 
i am thankful for my friends who blog, especially the ones that live many miles away, because i sort of can't stand Facebook and i sort of hate talking on the phone, and i'd be sad to miss out on all the photos and stories and baby bumps.
i'm thankful for my own blog because i'm building a nice little diary of my life -- starting with brief, sporadic posts in 2007 and going all the way through my trips to thailand and kenya, my moves from chicago to new york city back to chicago, my wedding and 'moon,  and all the little adventures in between, and all the good stuff that's yet to come.


Kit said...

Isn't blogging just the best!!!!

Meghan said...

By Mormon mommy blogs, are you referring to Rockstar Diaries? I love her.