please excuse the fact that i'm in my pajamas. and i'm not wearing a bra. and my apartment is a mess. 
but look at these boots! i couldn't decide which pair of Sorels to buy, so i bought two pairs online and had them shipped to my work address. they arrived in GIGANTIC boxes which i had to carry out of my building, down the stairs, and on to the street where i flagged a taxi by kicking my legs into the air as cars passed me by. i got home and wore one boot on each foot for about 15 minutes until i decided to keep the brown ones and return the gray ones.
bring it on, winter. i am not afraid of you.

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Kit said...

They def. look feet would probably sweat to death in those here! I think I like the brown ones best too!!! Glad I am not the only one that doesnt wear their bra around the house (I take mine off as soon as I get home)