das cool.

if ever you doubted that we are a young, white couple living in bucktown, know this: we are now the proud owners of a VW Jetta. 

and hey y'all, this is really exciting for me because this is the very first time i have ever owned a car ever. look at me all grown up. holla!

and as much the Zip Car thing was awesome for awhile, and as funny as it was to tell suburban folks that no, we don't own a car, and yeah, i sort of know how to drive, i'm thrilled to have me some wheelz.  cuz we're going to go places and do stuff... either that or we're going to complain about rising gas prices.


amy said...

Whoop! Now you can come visit up in suburbia! :)

Nikki said...

yay congrats! me thinks a bambino will fit in the back!