things that made me happy this week.

+ wearing laura mercier tinted moisturizer - illuminating. i've been a big fan of laura mercier for some time now, but i just recently tried the illuminating kind and i'm in love! it's glowy and golden and sheer-but-not-too-sheer. plus it has spf 20 which i have to wear every day. holla!

+ dinner with my bestest g-fries at butterfly sushi & thai. it started to hail golf ball-sized hail in the middle of dinner, but we had four bottles of wine to share so we we didn't mind waiting out the weather.

+ this byzantine necklace by need supply. i want!

+ a classic blue line / forever yogurt date with the hubs. i made myself a cake batter yogurt and topped it with peanuts, reese pieces, brownie bites, and hot fudge. we snagged a table outside too. baller!

+ we finnnnallllyyy got the first disc of true blood season 3 from netflix. yes, yes, we're a season behind.

+ the hubs started a new jobby job today at a schmancy school on the south side.

+ drinking sergio prosecco (bought at costco -- i am a proud new member!) while watching old episodes of the kardashians. (why, why, why, do i love them so?)

lots more happiness on the way this [long!] weekend.


Courtney said...

love the necklace...and love the 4 bottles of wine! ha!

Meghan said...

Did you know that they are opening a Pinkberry on State St? Do you know if it's any good? Happy 4th!

jasmine said...

laura mercier is the bestessssst.