rabbit rabbit

happy september!

it's still hot and humid during the days here in chicago, but i think i can feel fall creeping in... this morning i felt chilly getting out of the shower and the three people in front of me at Starbucks all ordered pumpkin spice lattes.

bt-dubs, this is my very first post ever written on a mac! i made the great switch for my new gig (started on monday), and so far i'm loving it. and i'm totally having flash backs to elementary school computer class..."open apple this, open apple that..."

hyperstudio anyone?

anyway! the hubs and i were in san francisco over the weekend which was lovely.

of course we had to partake in a little bit of this..

In-N-Out burger. delish.


amy said...


btw -- what was our mid school comp teacher's name? who talked so effing slowly? mrs. smith? or was that home ec? help a sister out.

so jelly of the in 'n out. my order was a cheeseburger + fries + lemonade + strawberry shake. sigh. hope you guys had a lurvely time in the bay areaaaaa!

mic said...

middle school computer teacher was....mrs. brady? mrs. bradly? remember those funky kneeling chairs?

i am a big fan of ordering double drinks when i go out to eat. especially at brunch...got to have coffee and a diet coke.

i skipped the shake at in-in-out because i got one at st. frances in the mission (vanilla with a shot of espresso). it changed my life.

amy said...

MRS. BRADLEY. you are a genius. (you, not her.)

omg -- by st. francis do you mean this place?


love love lvoeoeovlOLVOVLOELV.

mic said...

that's the place! so good! you might be sad to learn that it was super overrun with hipsters on saturday morning. BUT it was well worth the wait.