milkshake in the mission

my brother and matt took us to St. Francis in san francisco's mission district for some brunch action while we were in town last weekend.

i was jonesin' for some buttermilk pancakes, and then i saw they had milkshakes on the menu and so i had to have one of those too.

i got an espresso milkshake (vanilla with a shot of espresso).

the ice cream was so good, i swear it changed my life.

and the paper striped straws?  i die.

i want to go out for brunch every day of my life.


Jim said...

You went out for brunch today!

Meghan said...

Anything espresso = totally amazing.

Nikki said...

it's been a couple days. the internets (esp the boston ones) miss you.

my captcha is BANGSHNE.

That's what she said.