the peas are all right

i've been super stressy lately. and it's sort of leading to unhealthy behaviors. so. in an attempt to check myself before i wreck myself, i made a list of things to be happy about.

here are just a few of the things i wrote down:

  1. cupcakes for breakfast

  2. listening to my hubs sing in the shower

  3. bulldogs

  4. stamps

  5. wine glasses

  6. bobby pins

  7. nesting tables

  8. yarn

  9. chalkboards

  10. pretty paper

  11. calenders

  12. plaid

  13. station wagons

  14. chips and salsa

  15. vintage fans

  16. cuckoo clocks

  17. maps

  18. frye boots

  19. etsy

  20. cozy afghans

  21. confidence

  22. BBQs

  23. whoppie pies

  24. snuggling

  25. express trains

  26. fall

  27. dinner dates

  28. lists
28 things because i am 28.

also because i could probably go on and on so some sort of cut off point is needed.

here's to a happy week!

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Anonymous said...

GAH!!! I just tried to write a note and it got deleted. i will try again. it said: i'm so sad i'm just read this now. i need to figure out how to have this notify me by other means than "buzz." I'm proud of you for taking note of your unhealthy crapola and choosing to do something positive - or what people in the therapy world call using a "coping mechanism." haha. My favorite thing on your list is the bobby pin. I'm going to make my own list - you've inspired me...and I'll be damned if the bobby pin doesn't make an appearance! :)