brooklyn lurve

our wedding photos went up online this weekend!

i grabbed this photo as a screenshot from our online gallery since i can't download them yet.

the best part of having 1,000+ pics is that i can see parts of the wedding day that i missed (my hubs and his groomsmen getting ready, guests greeting each other at the church, etc.)

so fun! i can't wait to order prints and put together a little album.

{wedding photos by Jennifer Davis.}


JenRem said...

Wow- what an amazing shot! You look beautiful - Jim looks great! Everything about this photo is fabulous :) Can't wait to see more.
ps- LOVE the hair!

Nikki said...

ahhhhhhhh that pic is amazing!!!!!!!!! i was going to say "amazeballs" but it's seriously too pretty for the word balls.

i just love you guys.

more please!!!!!!!!!

Meghan said...

Holy cow! What a beautiful photo!!! Congrats on your wedding!

amy said...


i keep staring!!

i can't wait to see more more more mor meomroermeoMORE!!!

Courtney said...

So beautiful!!!