fantasy day off

since i worked a couple weekend days recently, i randomly have today off work! huzzah!

if you had an unexpected day off to do whatever in the world your heart desired, what would you do?

here's my fantasy day off (keep in mind that teleportation and time travel is totally OK in a fantasy day off):

sleep in

cuddle with the hubs

cuddle with freddie

egg whites and cheese on whole wheat toast from my fave NYC deli on 5th and broadway

thrift store shopping

read Jane magazine on a sunny beach in Phuket

60 minute massage

champagne in a spa robe (after the massage)

dinner on a boat on lake michigan with the hubs



movie at home on the couch


something tells me i won't be able to accomplish most of the things on this list.

sadly, Jane magazine has been dunzo for a while now and getting from chicago to Phuket means a 13 hour flight to Tokyo and then a 6 hour flight to Bangkok and then a one hour flight to Phuket and well...that takes mental preparation. and more than one fantasy day off.

but! i'm spending the day with jillian which means whatever we do will be totally awesome sauce.

{but i REALLY miss Jane magazine for reals!}