a friend for maude

it only took us 4.5 months to find one i liked, but i am proud to say that we are now a two-dresser family. yes, that's right...i no longer need to store my underwear in the pantry.

i suppose we could have picked something up sooner. but have you noticed all the...crap....that's for sale these days? i swear i couldn't find one new dresser i liked that was actually made out of real wood. and i'm sorry, but i just cant find it in my heart to shell out hundreds of dollars for piece of furniture with a cardboard back. can't do it.

so we searched the internets. we searched thrift stores. and finally i came across a blog, Reform Objects, and i almost fell out of my chair because i wanted everything listed on the site.

the woman behind Reform Objects hunts for vintage finds and one of a kind pieces, fixes them up, and sells them (at very reasonable prices) via her blog. she basically has my dream job, except i want to find and sell clothes instead of furniture (less heavy lifting. ha!).

stuff goes FAST on the blog. after trying to buy a couple of drool-worthy mid century dressers that sold just hours after they were posted, the seller promised she would email me first the next time she has a dresser for sale. (so nice, right?) i finally snagged this bad boy...

...and the seller gave me a discount AND she delivered for just ten dollars. (amazing! i want to be her BFF.)
now if only i had the motivation to actually put my clothes away, we'd be truly living the dream. :)


DA said...

awesome....we called it Danish modern - and now it is "vintage" - cool!!

Nikki said...

that bureau is GORGEOUS! and come on now, you're from the east coast, you say bureau.