jillian and i went to a Mardi Gras themed birthday party on Saturday night.

we wore matching masks.

Mardi Gras = awesome excuse to wear sequins.

{the masks were from the reeeaaaalllly little girls section at Claire's}

also? it's good excuse to drink an entire bottle of wine and then have a taxi take you to McDonalds for a burger and fries.


Lisa said...

woah woah woah - ur supposed to have an excuse to wear sequins? oops

Lindsey said...

Well, if you don't have the cutest little face for a Mardi Gras mask, I don't know what's what anymore!

I think I should paint you.

Hi friend. Gonna have to catch up on your blog here.

Stacey Sargent said...

I love the sequins masks so much! What a fun party idea! PS. to answer to question on my outfit post...thanks for the compliments. I am not sure if I have many tips on getting dressed. the main tip would be to be confident in what youre wearing. that's the biggest thing I tell people. I don't care if people think what I wear is crazy or "doesn't match" because I like it, and I like how it looks. Also, I try to just put random things together that work in a weird way...if that makes sense. I don't have my dream closet so I have to find new ways to wear everything so it looks different. so I will mix two pervious outfits together so that it now makes 4 outfits...hahah i hope that helps!