Happy Paczki Day!

On Friday my office kitchen was full of valentine's cupcakes, cookies, and chocolates.

today we have paczki.

because Fat Tuesday = Paczki Day.

And Paczki Day is big in Chicago because the city is home to a large Polish community.

So I plan on blaming the Polish and St. Valentine when I can't fit into my wedding dress in June.


amy said...

what are paczki?? donuts that are better than donuts? i want to eat that whole box. or as liz lemon would say: i want to go there.

Jenni said...

I'm 50% polish so this day has always been celebrated with lots and lots of Paczki.
Detroit also has a HUGE polish community - so much so that they literally have their own city, Hamtramack. The only food you can fins there is Polish and yesterday, Paczki's :)