look! a place to keep our underwear!

when jim and i packed up and moved to chicago we left a lot of furniture behind in new york.

we're slowly starting to collect pieces of things we love and in the meantime, we're just sort of going without some stuff.

it's not so bad... we slept on air mattresses until we bought a new bed, we fought over the comfy chair until we bought a couch (jim always let me win) and until last week, we were throwing whatever clothes that couldn't be hung in the closest in heaps on the floor of our little office.

but! we finally found a dresser.


...i've named her Maude.

she's vintage. she's blue. her drawers pull out all smooth and stuff.

maude = one sexy biatch.

now we just need to um...actually put away some clothes.



amy said...


personally, i always admired your clothes system back in hs. a big room of stuff we could jump into and steal from. (like that green baseball abercrombie shirt! classic!)

JenRem said...

Welcome Maude. You are one sexy biatch :) Seriously though, love her handles. So much better than mine ;)