we went on a horse drawn carriage ride...

...through central park with jim's family on saturday.

at the end of our ride our driver (is that what he's a called? a driver?) got out of the carriage to take our picture from the sidwalk. while he was snapping away, our horse decided it was time to go and started clomp clomp clopming down 5th avenue. molly, scott, jim, and i were all, HALP! WE WANT TO GET OFF THIS RIDE!

it was all good in the end. but secretly? i wish i could have ridden the horse to the country to live with a nice family on a farm. he looked sad and unnatural next to all the beeping cars and dirty buses. ugh. heart hurts.

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MichaleenFlynn said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your NYC carriage ride.

You should rest assured that our horses live a great life, complete with everything a horse needs to be content and healthy, including vacations in PA & upstate NY.

There are many, MANY 'country' horses that don't live anywhere nearly as good as our horses do - not to mention an epidemic of homeless/unwanted horses on their way to slaughter everyday.

Thanx again for riding with us, and please check out my blog to learn more about our horses: