sweet home chicago!

this morning as i was walking to the F train, i reached into my wallet to pull out my NYC metro card and accidentally pulled out my chicago MTA card instead. i almost cried.

i love chicago. if you've read through my archives circa May/June 2008 then you know my job moved me from chicago to new york and it was a super sad time for me. i left behind a freaking amazing city and even more amazing friends. (stupid "employment"...)

anyway! i got to spend this past weekend in chicago/indiana with my besties. and it was awesome.

actually it was like...fall-down-face-first-on-the-cement-and-pee-yourself-laughing awesome. (this may or may not have literally happened.)

second city? i think NOT.

P.S. please excuse the fugliness that is ME in the photo above which was taken on friday night/saturady morning. i was up at 4:30 am to catch my flight on friday morning and you know there's just a point when the pretty melts away...usually around the 2nd bottle of wine, but maybe before...no one knows for sure and everyone looks better after the 3rd bottle so...

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gooblythe said...

you're insane. you look gorgeous, as usual!